You can now have a qualified, reliable, and affordable  

translator for your law firm.

Save time, money, and uncertainty.

If you are only marketing in English you are missing a USA market the size of Canada. Grow your client base, augment revenue, and win more cases with SpanishShield Translator4LawFirm. 

Spanish Shield minimizes your administrative work. Gone is the worry about finding a certified professional at the last moment, or paying twice as much to a translation agency for the same service.

What We Do For You

The Spanish Shield subscription guarantees your law firm has a Spanish language expert with over 25 years of experience, available on demand, to provide you the language services you need to win cases, grow your brand, and better serve your clients.

If the subscription model does not serve your needs at present, do contact us for single assignments. We can help you.


 Free unlimited number of language related queries. One hour of research on each matter at no additional cost.  


Remote consecutive or simultaneous interpreting due to pandemic. Wiretap transcription & translation.


Fast turnaround. No additional cost for rush jobs. Confidentiality. No job too small. Work not done by third parties, unqualified bilinguals, or students.


What you need to market your firm to Hispanic and Latino clients. Get a 5 to 10 X ROI. Spanish speaking clients are loyal, and they will recommend you to family & friends.


Proofread translations that come to your office from other vendors, clients, or other sources. Review the performance of other interpreters.


Spanish Language Expert Witness, Court Qualified in Santa Ana and Imperial Valley, California. Really valuable case-winning resource.

Trusted by Courts, Attorneys, and Agencies
Throughout the Country

Nota bene: If the subscription model does not serve your needs at this time, do contact us for individual assignments or languages other than Spanish.

We can help you.


Let us win together. (859) 248-6308.

In-House and On-Demand 

Not every law firm can afford to have an in-house certified interpreter and translator at a $72,000 to $106,000 a year salary. With the Spanish Shield subscription model, you will. 

Safeguard Firm's Reputation

Obtaining and retaining clients, as well as winning cases, are essential to a firm's reputation. Entrust your language services needs to a professional who really is on your team.  

Accurate & Cost Effective

Translation agencies are brokers When you hire an agency you never know who is translating for you. It could be a beginner or an intern. Agencies charge you more because your document has to go through at least four people: admin staff, project manager, translator, and editor. When you work with me, you

know you are getting experience at an affordable rate.

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